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The Farkus Fracas

When Evelyn Farkus  voluntarily acknowledged on MSNBC incidental surveillance of  the Trump campaign and transition teams,  a media fracas ensued despite the best efforts of the so-called mainstream media to suppress the story. Now Susan Rice of Benghazi notoriety has been implicated in the unmasking phase of the incidental surveillance operation. Whether any of this incidental surveillance was illegal remains to be seen, but commonsense suggests that the Farkus fracus is eerily reminiscent of the abuses of power uncovered in the Watergate scandal  … drip … drip … drip.

Commonsense also suggests that all surveillance operations by the Obama Administration of political opponents, legal or illegal,  will eventually be unmasked and if illegal the person(s) responsible will be held accountable.

Good Day!

The Political Pendulum Swings

POTUS press conference yesterday was a very refreshing breath of fresh air from a President displaying  the vintage form that got him elected. After nearly 100 years of progressive, liberal politics from the republican and democrat establishment, the proverbial political pendulum has begun to swing back to traditional center-right American values; and not any too soon.

Someone once famously said that Americans will eventually do the right thing but not before exhausting all other alternatives. Commonsense tells me that the American people did the right thing when they elected Donald Trump.  Commonsense also tells me that if  democrats keep up the politically correct nonsense much longer, the democrat party  will soon be headed to the ash heap of history, along with their liberal progressive policies and  friends in  the so-called mainstream media.

Have a nice Day. Happy Days are here again.


          In the 2016 presidential election cycle there is a lot of commentary today by the political pundits/talking heads in the modern digital media about what it means to be “presidential” as if there was some universally recognized trait possessed  by all legitimate candidates for the President of the United States of America. If there is such a trait,  would it be honesty, dignity, intelligence, knowledge, kindness, tolerance, charisma,  gray hair, white hair, bleached hair or no hair  at all. Get the point? The term “presidential” is a meaningless term, signifying nothing!

          Was No. 2 (John Adams) any more or less  “presidential” than No. 1(George Washington)? Was No. 16 (Abraham Lincoln) any more or less “presidential” than No. 32 (Franklin Roosevelt)? Was No. 40 (Ronald Reagan) any more or less “presidential” than No. 42 (Bill Clinton)? Will No. 45 (???) be any more or less “presidential” than any one of the previous 44 presidents of the United States of America?

          Commonsense tells me that every one of the 44 occupants of the Whitehouse is presidential because that person is the President of the United States of America, not because that person possessed  a universally recognized “presidential” personality trait. Commonsense also tells me that so it will be  for the 45th  President of the United States of America who will be “presidential” because that person will be the President of the United States of America.

          Today Americans have lot more to be worried about that which candidate is “presidential.” Good Day!