Presumptive Nominees?

         The dictionary definition of a presumption is the belief that something is true that has not yet been proven to be true. In spite of nearly 60 million votes cast by Republican and Democrat primary voters, delegate revolts at the Democrat and Republican conventions are possible in 2016 given the high unfavorable ratings among the electorate of both so-called  presumptive nominees due to serious  character and temperament issues, not to mention the knock-out blow that will be inflicted on the presumptive Democrat nominee in the event of an unfavorable  outcome of the  FBI’s criminal investigation  of  her email practices while serving as Secretary of State.

          Commonsense   tells me that it is far from certain that the requisite proof will be forthcoming  for either of the  so-called presumptive nominees  of the two major political parties for President of the United States of America in 2016  to actually secure the nomination of their respective parties.

Good Day! Stay tuned for additional commentary following the Republican and Democrat conventions in July 2016.