The Practical Candidate 2016.

          Okay, folks, it’s over! Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will become the 45th President of the United States of America. With all his rudeness, crudeness and crassness, Donald Trump has spoken truth to power and the American people are listening.

          Some people say Trump is a conservative; some people say Trump is a liberal; some people say Trump is a populist; some people say Trump is a nationalist; other people say Trump is an idiot. Nobody says Hillary Clinton is anything other than a  liberal(progressive) politician. Nobody attaches the politician label to Trump.

          Commonsense tells me that most political labels are meaningless except for the one political label that really means something: the practical politician. The practical politician is the candidate who wants to be surrounded by  knowledgeable people  to solve problems in the most practical way. Donald Trump is the epitome of the practical politician.

          Today has truly been an historic day in the history of the United States of America. Let’s hope the voters  of America have gotten the message and will do the right thing in November 2016.

          Good Day!