The Soft Underbelly of Primary Presidential Politics

          The  current  frontrunner  for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America complains that establishment politicians have  rigged the delegate selection rules unfairly.  The establishment politicians respond that “the rules are the rules” admonishing all candidates to play by the published delegate selection rules adopted by the various states, but they never explain why those rules are fair. The Republican frontrunner has exposed the soft underbelly of the American primary election system at a time when many middle-age Americans are out of work with their college educated, debt-ridden children unable to find meaningful work while two breadwinner families struggle to survive as day-care expenses for their children spiral out of control.  It should come as no surprise  why the Republican frontrunner resonates with primary election voters,  in spite of his many  faults.

           Commonsense tells me that  Republican primary voters in 2016 would rather have an election of the  nominee based on votes rather than a selection of the nominee based on rules. Commonsense also tells me that a similar sentiment  exists among  Democrat primary voters because of the ‘superdelegate’ system established by the delegate selection rules of the Democrat party which guarantees the nomination of the current Democrat frontrunner regardless of primary voter sentiment.

          While we may be discouraged Today, better Days are ahead on election Day  in 2016.