The Next Giant Sucking Sound

          It has taken 24 years for the American people to finally understand  what  Ross Perot, the last anti-establishment candidate to run for President,  meant when he said in 1992 that NAFTA would create a “giant sucking sound.” Today, 90+ million Americans are involuntarily out of work, with many more millions underemployed,  as industrial jobs have been sucked out of America as a result of NAFTA, threatening the middle class, backbone of America in the process.  The real unemployment rate is currently somewhere far north of the figure periodically published by the  Bureau of Labor Statistics.  NAFTA was supported by the current  frontrunner for the Democrat nomination for President and the  Governor of Ohio who is  currently running  a distant last for the GOP nomination for President.

          The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiated secretly by the administration of the 44th President of the United States of America,  coupled with currency manipulation by many of the TPP countries and China promises to make the ‘giant sucking sound’ created by NAFTA look like a whispering wind in comparison.

         The victorious candidate for President of the United States of America   in 1992  aptly stated that  “it’s the economy stupid.” Commonsense  tells me that in 2016 ‘it’s the economy stupid’  in spades. Commonsense also tells me that the loss of middle-class jobs can only be reversed  by electing a  President of the United States of America who has a realistic understanding of  economic matters. That person is unlikely to be an establishment politician from either side of the aisle.

          Stay tuned for a DAY when things have got to be better than they are on this Day. After all,  things cannot get any worse, can they?