The Winds of Political Change

          As the  presidential primary voting season begins in 2016, there is widespread anger, anxiety and angst  in the American electorate across  the political spectrum. There are many reasons for this unrest , including  rising  Islamic terrorism,   illegal immigration, mediocre public education, dangerous trade imbalances, broken foreign policy, divisive political correctness, crumbling infrastructure, worsening race relations, exploding health care costs, chronic underemployment, widening  poverty, persistent  economic stagnation  and, most importantly,  unsustainable national debt spiraling out of control.  While there is enough blame to go around among both Democrat and Republican administrations over the past 100 years,   it is now clear that the administration of the 44th President of the United States of America  is  directly responsible  for a disproportionate share of the current mess. Liberal (secular-progressive) policies  simply have  not worked, whether disguised in Republican or Democrat clothes.

          The  Democrat  presidential candidates for President in 2016 promise more of the same  or worse.  The Republican presidential candidates  warn of impending economic collapse  unless America reverses course and returns to constitutional principles, which translates into job creation through regulatory and tax reform,  rebuilding the military to defeat Islamic terrorism, border control  and private charity in the spirit of the Judeo-Christian tradition to  care for the needy.  The 2016 presidential election will pit  liberal progressive secularists  against constitutional conservatives in a direct confrontation never before seen in modern presidential politics, with the future of America at stake.

           Someone once  famously said that the American people will eventually do the right thing, but not before exhausting all other alternatives. Commonsense tells me that all other alternatives have now been exhausted and the time has come for the American people to do the right thing. Commonsense also tells  me that the Trump phenomenon, perhaps best described in the Canada Free Press, is the harbinger of fundamental political change in America. However, it remains to be seen whether Donald Trump will lead that change.

Good day …and better days are ahead!