A Climate of Fear

          When my doorbell rang last evening at about 10pm, I looked out to see a person wearing a hoodie looking into my car parked in the driveway with the rear hatch opened. I called the cops, who arrived promptly but after the hoodie was gone. As it turned out nothing was stolen and the car was not damaged. When I sorted things out,  I realized that I may have inadvertently opened the rear hatch as I struggled earlier in the evening to install a new key on my key ring which held the key fob to my car. I now believe that  the hoodie was probably just some neighborhood kid walking home trying to alert me to the open hatch. So I probably called the cops on a Good Samaritan diverting valuable police resources.

          In a bygone era before the September 11 attacks and the many terrorist attacks since then, most recently in Paris and San Bernardino, I would have simply opened my door to see who was there, regardless of the late hour; but that was not my reaction last evening.

          With gun sales and conceal carry permits soaring throughout the nation, commonsense tells me that a climate of fear exists in the United  States of America that was largely responsible for my reaction last evening.  What a shame. Hopefully, better times are coming after the elections in November 2016.

          Good Day!