Cornell University – Better Days Ahead?

          It has been more than 50 years since I graduated from Cornell University in the Class of 1965. I recently returned to Cornell only to discover that virtually every open space on the majestic campus I remembered was now occupied by concrete and mortar –  endless high-rise buildings, including  the once idyllic College Town, where I spent more than my fair share of idle hours between classes just up the street on campus  at the School of Engineering. What a change in 50 years.

     From time-to-time I have felt guilty, having have never contributed to Cornell University since graduation,  in appreciation for the first-rate education I received, until I viewed the recent activity of Jesse Watters on the Fox News Channel. I now feel totally vindicated! Cornell should not look to graduates like me for contributions until political diversity is restored to the faculty and administration, which is not likely in my lifetime.

          I am very disappointed in the direction Cornell University has taken in the last 50 years.. I hope better days are ahead for Cornell and America.

          Good Day!