A Man with a Plan

          Right or wrong, commonsense tells me that any man with the courage of his convictions is a man to be admired. The convictions evident in the remarks of the Prime Minister of Israel delivered yesterday to the joint session of the U.S. Congress about the world threat posed by Iran and Isis seem right and just, and reminiscent of the historical speeches of Winston Churchill during World War II.  The  appeasement policies and misguided remarks of the 44th President of the United States of  America stand out in stark contrast, and  are eerily  reminiscent of the appeasement  policies of Neville Chamberlain  toward Nazi Germany during the advent of World War II.

          What is the plan of the Israeli Prime Minister?  No U.S. – Iran Agreement of the type currently being negotiated, imposition of tough new economic sanctions, and,  as a last resort if Iran does not verifiably abandon its plan to acquire nuclear weapons  soon, military action. Commonsense says  ……..  Here ….. Here!

Have a nice day.