The Honest Politician?

          I was inspired to write this post while watching the Sunday morning talk shows yesterday.

          There is an old adage that says a politician is lying when his lips are moving. There is also a widespread belief among many American citizens today that an honest politician is an extinct species; if not extinct they are indeed hard to find. While the political pundits have no shortage of theories as to why this attitude exists today, commonsense tells me that it has a lot to do the unabashed mission of most elected officials to get re-elected rather than  address the  problems they were elected to solve. … but I digress.

          Yesterday, I watched NBC’s Chuck Todd interview Mike Huckabee on Meet The Press and Chris Wallace interview Denis McDonough on Fox News Sunday. Huckabee is a former governor, talk show host and presidential hopeful in 2016. McDonough is the chief if staff for the 44th President of the United States of America. Both are politicians.

          Commonsense tells me that honesty requires that the question asked be answered in a direct and forthright manner; not with a rambling, evasive diatribe as if some other question had been asked. Watch the Huckabee and McDonough interviews and then decide who is the honest politician. Leave a  comment with your vote and I will include the results in a future commentary.

Have a nice day.