Labor Unions on Labor Day 2014

Labor unions first emerged in the late 19th and early 20th century to protect private sector workers from unsafe working conditions, low wages and other forms of exploitation by employers in the industrial age. The labor movement served a necessary and useful purpose then. Today labor unions are comprised mostly of public sector workers such as teachers, police, fire fighters and other government employees.

According to Wikipedia, “at the apex of union density in the 1940s, only about 9.8% of public employees were represented by unions, while 33.9% of private, non-agricultural workers had such representation. In this decade, those proportions have essentially reversed, with 36% of public workers being represented by unions while private sector union density had plummeted to around 7%. ”

Commonsense tells me that the labor environment for industrial workers is very different than  the labor environment for  government workers. Government workers today do not need protection against exploitation by their government employers and thus there is really no necessary or useful purpose for a government workers labor union to serve today.  Labor Union dues support huge contributions for political purposes. Commonsense also tells me that the inevitable swing of the political pendulum will soon put an end to this incestuous and insidious labor practice.

Have a nice Labor Day 2014.