An American Embarrassment

The Administration of the 44th President of the  United States of America and the democrats who support it  have become an embarrassment. Jon Voight explained why on the MIke Huckabee Show on FNC last weekend. This commentator is waiting for a cogent fact-based rebuttal to Mr. Voight’s remarks, but I am not holding my breath because commonsense tells me that none will be forthcoming because none exists. I do expect a barrage of left-wing diatribes attacking Mr. Voight as a right-wing nut, the usual tactic of the democrats when the facts are against their position.The first one arrived moments ago in USA Today.

The patient is in serious condition and one can only hope that the  a clear majority of the American people will decide that enough is enough, starting at the polls this fall and continuing thereafter for the foreseeable future, before the patient lapses into critical condition. Commonsense tells me time is running out.

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