Mickelson – Insider Trading?

I was intrigued by recent reports that Phil Mickleson, the professional golfer, was approached by FBI agents after a round of golf at the Memorial tournament on the PGA tour last week asking questions about suspicious stock trading years ago in Clorox stock based on insider information allegedly passed along to Mickelson from a notorious sports gambler, William “Billy” Walters, who allegedly obtained the information from Karl Icahn, the billionaire investor who was making a play for Clorox at the time. Mr. Mickleson referred the FBI agents to his lawyer, as he should have, in the face of this rather public stunt by the FBI.

Mr. Mickleson has a reputation as a big, I mean really BIG, gambler. It is widely rumored that he once laid down an even money wager for $25K betting that Paul Azinger would sink an imortant sand shot from a greenside bunker on his way to winning the 1993 PGA Championship. Many of his professional golfing colleagues took the other side of the wager betting that Azinger would not hole the shot. The odds against Azinger holing that bunker shot were astronomical. Azinger holed the shot. It was rumored that Mickleson pocketed nearly half a million dollars on the wager. Mickleson plays golf with same reckless abandon which has cost him more than one PGA title over the years. So, I can understand how Mr. Mickleson might possibly be involved in illegal insider trading; he seems to have a need for thrilling experiences.

There are two things I do not understand:

First, I do not understand why the FBI agents approached Mr. Mickleson publicly in plain view of spectators and the media at the Memorial tournament. I cannot think of any legitimate reason the FBI could possibly have to justify  contacting him in this manner. Commonsense tells me that this is probably another example of  abuse of power by the federal government.

Second, I do not understand why a wealthy talented, golfer like Mickleson needs to engage in reckless gambling adventures on and off the golf course, which probably explains why I am not a wealthy, talented golfer. Oh well, life is still good today.

As you can tell I really did not have much to say today. Tomorrow will be a better day for this blawg. Good Day and stay tuned!