Political Correctness – Imus and Barkley

In  April 2007, Don Imus, the prickly host of the nationally syndicated Imus in the Morning radio program (then simulcast by MSNBC on national television) was fired,  after apologizing for his remarks about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team. On Seven years later, Charles Barkley, the prickly  sports broadcaster,  in the face of  mounting criticism for his comments about the fat women of San Antonio, refused to apologize. He has not been fired. The remarks by Messrs Imus and Barkley, both clearly delivered in jest, were considered politically incorrect by many members of the so-called main-stream national media.

 Common sense tells me that the response of Mr. Barkley is considered to be  politically correct by  the vast majority of Americans. Mr. Imus should not have apologized and he should not have been fired, although ironically the firing actually launched his career to new heights, eventually. Today his top-rated Imus in the Morning radio program is simulcast by FOX Business News on national television.

 According to Roger Mason, Jr.  Vice-President of the NBA Players Association, Lebron James, apparently a prickly professional basketball player, will not play next  season if Donald Sterling is still an NBA owner. Hopefully, Mr. James, who thus far to his credit has concentrated on playing basketball, will realize that dabbling in the declining business of political correctness is not in his own best interest. Mr. James needs to refocus on his basketball playing skills.

 The so-called main-stream national media needs to lighten up and show proper respect for free speech rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, even if some speech offends their idea of political correctness.

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